Hi, hello und guten tag ...
My name is Torsten Mayer-Rothbarth, or Tocco, as those who know me closer call me. 
This is another part of works I do as a lifelong designer. I studied graphic-design at the University of the Arts, Bremen in Germany, rooted in the philosophy of design thinking in an multidisciplinary environment, with the German, historic relation to other design schools and philosophies like Bauhaus, which keeps being a huge source of my inspiration, I approach woodwork with the same mindset I approach any other design (or non-design) related topic. If you are interested, feel free to visit my graphic-design portfolio here.
Simplicity, minimalism, form that follows a function and serves as such have always been a driver in my design works, regardless the medium.
It is one piece at a time, starting at the lumber yard, to choose the wood for the project, finding inspiration and start the design process, milling the wood, deciding the joinery and slowly let it become what was envisioned.
The works that are design in wood, are all hand crafted, made to order with sustainable materials and finishes.

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